Adam E. Theising


I am an environmental economist employed by the US EPA's National Center for Environmental Economics.

I maintain this website for personal research and data science work. (Any views herein are mine and not necessarily those of my employer.)

Personal-wise: When not working in front of a screen, you'll find me outside.

Email: theising.adam [at]  /  Tele: 202 _ 564 _ 2606

Research papers

Using urban migration flows to infer nonmarket amenity value (draft available on request)
A. Theising, D. Phaneuf, R&R @ JAERE, 2020.

What types of information make airborne lead pollution salient to homeowners and who does it cost? National evidence from US airports (draft available on request)
A. Theising, 2021.

Lead pipes, prescriptive policy, and property values
A. Theising, Env Res Econ, 2019.

Some areas of ongoing research: valuing water quality and infrastructure, chemical regulation under TSCA, worker chemical exposure + health
Policy papers

Combining Remote Sensing and Cell Phone Users' Mobility Data to Monitor the Impact of Transportation on NO2 Concentrations in India
C. Grainger, A. Theising, F. Zhang, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, 2022

The macroeconomic impact of structural policies on labour market outcomes in OECD countries: a reassessment
P. Gal, A. Theising, OECD Working Paper, 2015

R package development

EJSCREENbatch (w/ AR El-Khattabi and Morgan Teachey): To streamline initial EJ analysis efforts over multiple locations of interest, particularly water-based locations, the EJSCREENbatch R package was developed to leverage the national demographic, environmental, and hydrological datasets made available through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Teaching materials

At Georgetown:

ECON 4075: Environmental Economics, undergraduate, Fall 2023

At UW-Madison:

AAE875: Fundamentals of OOP and Data Analytics using Python, graduate, Summer 2019

AAE343: Environmental Economics, undergraduate, Spring 2019

AAE637: Applied Econometric Analysis II, graduate, Spring 2018